Disconnected Layers Explained

Haircut with disconnected layering
Photo: DreamBig/Shutterstock
Q: Can you explain "disconnected layers" and how they are achieved?
A: "Disconnected layers" is a term derived to describe a more freehand style of layering in the hair.
Usually achieved with a razor tool, the hair is taken in segments and the segments are cut at an angle to create isolated layers. The overall effect is a hairstyle with a lot of movement and texture in the style.
The biggest differentiation in disconnected layers and standard layering techniques is that with most standard methods of creating layers there is generally a guide used. Either a stationary guide, such as with long-layered styles, or a traveling guide, such as is used when creating uniform layers.
Regardless of the method of layering, it is still important to keep a sense of balance and the overall silhouette in mind. You can't simply chop the hair off at random intervals and create an attractive look. There must be method to the madness.
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