Different Types of Layers

Haircutting with layers
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Q: Hi, I need some help with layers. I can't seem to find nor get any good info on the different types of layers/cutting techniques. I had layers at one point and they were way too much and when my hair wasn't styled looked awful. Then I received what the stylist called "soft layers" (which I liked but go bored with because they blended in too much).
Finally now I am without layers but only some texturization that was done with a razor. I am ready to get my layers back, so I was wondering if there were some basic names/terms for the most common layers. I also would like to mention I have round face and want something to compliment my face shape. Do you have any tips or recommendations for that too?

A: The problem with trying to give you a list of "types of layers" is that many salons use terms that are specific to a region, town, or even from salon to salon. What one salon calls "soft layers", may be referred to as "long-layering" or what have you at another location.
The key is going to be describing what you want with the clearest, most-objective terms you can manage. Ask for layers that will allow you to style the hair with as much volume at the top of your head as you can manage and lie close at the sides. Volume at the top of the head, combined with length will help to elongate your round face.
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