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Grow Out Short Hair Immediately

Q: Why is it that so many women who cut their hair short grow it out again almost immediately? My hair is just below my shoulders and I’m about to get a pixie cut. Actually, it was my hairdresser that brought up the idea of a pixie. Out of the blue she said, “Do you realize that you would look great with a pixie?” Was this a hint to tell me that I need something new, maybe because I’m too old (38) for my long hair? Or is she prejudiced and a “pixie cut lover”?
She and both of her colleagues working at the salon all have pixie cuts. Or are pixies about to be in fashion again and was it genuine advice for a more fashionable haircut? I discussed the matter with my husband and, to my surprise he loves the idea of a pixie. Unless I change my mind, my long hair is coming off next week. The only thing that puzzles me is why so many women with new short hair grow it out again right after the makeover.

woman putting her hair out of her face A: Usually, when a woman goes for a dramatically short haircut after years of long hair, she may panic about the drastic change. In many cases, it’s hard to get a feel for how you might like a shorter hairstyle without actually going for it.
Whenever possible, I urge women to look for a short hair wig and try it out before going with a short cut. This lets them get a feel for how the hair moves and feels, and also what options there are with styling a short cut. It’s probably the only way to avoid the backlash of sudden loss of hair length.
As for the motive behind the comment suggesting that you “would look great with a pixie”, I couldn’t really tell you what prompted it. It could be any of the reasons you suggest, or none at all and simply a statement that she genuinely feels that a pixie-cut would suit you very well.
My bottom line is that if this is a stylist you have a long-standing relationship with and you trust her opinion, I think you’re pretty safe. Also, logically speaking, if you have a long-standing relationship with this stylist, she’s likely not going to recommend something unless she feels sure you’re going to look good and will like the results. She has too much to lose.
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