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Bob to Pixie Transition

Q: My present hairstyle is a mid-neck length bob and my hair is straight. I’m seriously considering a very short pixie. The only thing that keeps me from doing it is the drastic change in length. I never had really short hair and I’m afraid that I will be in shock when hair is no longer covering my ears and neck. Because of this I would like to go shorter gradually, but what would be the best plan of action? Should I opt for shorter bobs first and when the bob is really short get it cut into a pixie? Or should I go for a different style that is no longer a bob, but a good starting point for monthly haircut sessions with a pixie as final result? My face shape is oval.
A: I’ve always been a major advocate of the “transition” haircut method. It allows an individual to gradually go shorter (or longer) without having to take a dramatic step, or wait an inordinate amount of time while the hair grows.
In your situation, I would suggest that you look for photos of hairstyles that are between your current length and the pixie cut with which you want to end up. Pick styles that are shorter than what you wear now, and that you find interesting. Remember to choose as many different styles as you can find to give you options to take to your hairdresser.
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When talking with your stylist, explain the concerns you have over making a drastic change and look through the photos together so that the stylist can help you determine what is going to be most flattering for you. Don’t worry that a look isn’t perfect for you. Having a wide range of options helps you get the idea of what kinds of looks and techniques are going to flatter you and helps you get across to the stylist what you like.
As for style specifics, you could start with a shorter bob, and then proceed by adding layers to the cut as you get used to the shorter length. Using transition cuts in making such changes in your appearance allows you a stopping point from which you can recover more easily, if the shorter length just troubles you too much.
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