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Regrowth of Thinned Hair

Q: Hi. My hair was recently thinned at a hair salon because of miscommunication. I hate the texture and look. Will it stay this way permanently? I'm 56 years old. Thanks.
A: I'm sorry to hear of the mix-up that has left you unhappy with your hair. The good news is, because hair does grow, the situation isn't permanent. The hairs that were cut in the thinning process will grow the same as the rest of the hairs on your head.
The length of your hairstyle and the length to which the hairs - which were cut in the thinning process - were cut will determine how long it will take for you to regain your previous look. If your hairstyle is short, this can be as simple as 2-3 months. A longer hairstyle will mean a longer growing-out period, obviously.
Look at it this way: your hair grows an average of 1/2 inch per month. If you are looking to maintain the current hairstyle, you will get your hair trimmed at least every six weeks. If the difference between the length of the thinned hair and your normal-length hair is six inches, that means it will take approximately a year for the shorter hair to catch up.
On the plus side, every month brings you closer and closer to similar lengths, so the look you are unhappy with will gradually lessen.
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