Hair Thinned Too Much

Thinned hair
Photo: Nikolai Kazakov/Shutterstock
Q: I thinned my hair too much the last few times I got it cut. Are there any shampoos or other remedies to make it thick again?
A: I'm afraid there is no magic serum to make your hair thick again except time.
The danger of over-thinning is why you generally only thin the hair every third haircut. There are, however, some tips to keeping your over-thinned hair healthy and looking as full as it can be:
First, be sure to use a good conditioner every day, whether it's a rinse-through conditioner after shampooing in the shower, or a leave-in conditioning spray used before styling each day. By thinning the hair so much, you remove a lot of its natural defense - other hair. It can become drier and more easily damaged by environmental factors - the sun, wind, blow-dry styling, curling irons and flat irons, etc.
Second, look for shampoos and conditioners that are formulated as volumizing products. These will help to make your thinned hair look as full as possible when it is styled.
After that, just avoid any more thinning until the hair fills back out again.
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