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Get Spiky Hair Down

Q: Hello my name is Randy. My question to you guys is the following: is there any way to get spiky hair down, as in using homemade things or something? I'm tired of my spiky hair. I just want it to go down.
A: Generally, a hairstyle is "spiky" because it has either A) been styled to be spiked, or B) been cut in such a way that the hair stands on its own. The latter is only possible with hair of a certain texture and wave pattern. This tends to be done with coarse, straight hair. The hair is generally cut short enough to enable it to stand well on its own, then combed or brushed in the direction opposite the growth pattern.
Some hair is sufficiently coarse and thick - and its growth pattern is vertical - that it sticks up straight from the head, only falling over once the length is sufficient to weigh the hair shaft down. This can be problematic unless the individual likes spiky, "stand-up" hairstyles, or keeps his or her hair cut very, very short (buzz cut).
You can always use the same principle as is used with people who want a spiky look but don't have coarse hair - use a styling gel to weigh the hair down and style it so that it lies flat to the head. The drawback to this is that the hair will often spring back into its natural position once the product is dried and the cohesion is broken.
For those people who want a more drastic result, I can suggest using a home permanent kit, without the perm rods, to "straighten" the hair. Simply comb the waving lotion through the hair in the direction you want the hair to lay, keep it combed in the position you want while it processes, then rinse and neutralize as directed, making sure to comb it again in the position desired while the neutralizer processes.
This can usually help to calm all but the most stubborn, stand-up hair.
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