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Guy with spiked hair
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Q: I'm a guy with medium length hair. It covers my ears. I normally blow dry it. My hair won't 'spike', but is there a product I could put in my hair that will give it enormous body? You know, puff it right out, so to speak.
A: What I think you're looking for is simply a good firm hold styling product. Depending on the end result you want to achieve, I can recommend the following product types. Here are the basic types and the description of their results.
Styling Mousse:
You can find this light, foamy product in a variety of "strengths" and will probably want one that is "volumizing". Simply apply the mousse to your towel-dried hair and massage it through with your fingers before blow-drying your hair.
This will give added volume (puffiness) to your style without feeling too stiff. Many people like mousse because it adds volume and still feels soft and doesn't weigh as heavily on the hair. The finished look is light, with a gentle hold (the hair will move fairly easily) and soft to the touch.
Styling Gel:
This gel product can be found in varying strengths and formulas which are suitable depending on the level of hold and firmness you want in your styling. Apply the styling gel in the same manner as you would apply mousse and blow-dry as desired. This product will also add volume and when dry will look soft, but the hair will feel firmer, with a stronger hold in the style.
The gel can add a significant amount of weight and texture to the hair. Many people with curly or wavy hair love styling gel because they can refresh their style by lightly misting the hair with water and running their fingers through the hair to smooth the curls that may become fuzzy during the course of a day, or simply spritz with water and completely change the style.
Wax-Based Mousse/Gel:
Wax-based styling products are relatively new on the market and combine the texturing ability and firm flexibility of pomades with the ease of styling in mousse and gel formulas. These two are applied as are mousses and gels, but the major difference is in the end result.
The finished style is firmer, with added texture, so that the hair looks defined, and yet it remains malleable and can be adjusted with the fingers and restyled easily. This is the heaviest of the products, and the feel of the finished style is stiff. The product does add a lot of shine. It is especially good for shorter styles or for curlier looks.
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