Products for Very Fine Spiky Hair

Spiky short pixie hair and sunglasses
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Q: I love the real short "spiky" look for a hairstyle, but my hair is very fine and slightly naturally curly. Would I be able to achieve this look with my fine hair?
What hair products (specific brands and gel types) could I use to make the hair stand up and stay that way? I've been cutting my own hair with a Robo-Cut. How short would I need to cut it (1" on top or ?) Thank you for your help!

A: With fine hair, your options are to go shorter or use more product.
The less length you have the less product you need. So, it becomes a matter of balancing the two. If you don't mind using more product, then you can have the hair longer, but if you hate using product, then you'll need shorter hair.
The goal is to create structure and texture where there currently is none. The fine hair is naturally going to be very soft and pliable when it's freshly washed, so we need to dirty it up. To do this we use styling product.
What I generally recommend to create a spiky hairstyle is applying a liberal amount of styling gel (the brand you use is entirely your decision, but it should be "extra hold" formula) and blow dry the hair until this gel is dry in the hair. You should notice that the styling gel makes the hair stiffer, and the effect should be a fuzzy look as the hair is dispersed around the head.
At this point you want to create the "spikes". This is best done using another product. Get a pomade which is a wax-based styling product or use a sculpting paste. These are applied to the fingertips, and the fingers are used to pinch up the hair into points. You can initially rake the fingers back through the hair if you wish, but can follow that up with the pinch and pull method to create a spiky look.
Finish the look with a liberal misting of hairspray and pat or pinch away any frizz or fly-away strands.
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