How to Spike Hair

Medium length hair styled spiky straight
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Q: I have wavy/curly hair, but I want straight, spiky hair. Can you offer any suggestions?
I blow dry my hair straight, put in straightening product, and flat iron it, but it still gets wavy after a couple of hours. Plus, I need to know how to spike it. My hair is medium length.

A: Well, if you want to continue using the "styling method" for straight hair, you seem to be going the right way about it. However, you have to remember that this only changes the physical side bonds of the hair and that the hair will revert to its natural wave pattern if exposed to heat or moisture. The warmth of the scalp is sufficient to cause the reversion.
For a more permanent straight look, you should consider a straightening service. Either a thio-straightener or one of the more extensive thermal restructuring services will give you straight hair. The hair will be different levels of straight depending on the service used, and the cost will vary dramatically, but with a permanently straight foundation, styling the hair the way you want will be much easier.
If you prefer not to use permanent straightening, you can continue with the straight styling, but either way, you will want to add the use of a firm hold styling product, such as a styling wax in order to create the spiky effect you desire. The styling product used will need to help you overcome the hair's weight, and there is a limit to what is possible. Shorter lengths tend to spike more easily, as do coarser textures. That being said, it is usually accomplished with a combination of a cut and product.
Try blow-drying the hair using the styling gel and wax product to get it as straight as possible, then use additional styling wax to add definition to the style by applying the wax to the fingertips and pinching the tips of the hair to make points.
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