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Short Wavy Hair Style

Q: What short hair style is the best for wavy hair with a lot of volume?
A: This is one of those questions that is impossible to answer with any specificity, because there is simply not enough information available. The "best" hairstyle for one individual isn't the same as the "best" hairstyle for another. You have to consider the shape of the face, the person's build, the hair's texture and density, in addition to the wave pattern. On top of these factors, you have to consider what the person wants from the style.
short wavy hair

One thing you can remember is that with wavy hair that has lots of volume the longer the hair grows the fuller it will get at the ends. A blunt haircut will most often result in a triangular shaped silhouette as the volume builds toward the ends of the hair. A layered haircut will usually distribute the volume more evenly, depending on the length of the layers.
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