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Hairline Border Areas

Q: Around my forehead on either side about the size of a 50 cent piece the hair only grows to the length of about 1/2". That's it. Why? And, can I get it to grow? It's always been this way. Now that I'm getting older I notice it more because of graying hair etc. Thank you for your time.
A: The fact that your hair has always been this way is a key indicator that this is simply the way your hair grows in that portion of your scalp. Some people have border areas along their hairline where the hair is in a transition between the vellus hair and terminal hair. The length of the hair in these areas is determined by your genetics and may change as you age or during fluctuations in hormonal levels.
For most people who have these types of growth patterns, it is simply a matter of needing to find hairstyles that will compensate for the growth pattern. How you deal with the patterns is a matter of personal choice, and is something that you should discuss with your stylist in order to deal with it to your satisfaction.
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