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Q: What makes a certain hair care product a professional hair care product?
A: Generally, there are two conditions that make a hair care product a "professional product": first, whether or not the product was designed in a professional environment for use in that environment, and second, whether or not the product requires some form of training or licensing to be used properly. If a product meets either of these criteria, it should be considered a professional product.
Some products meet both requirements and can only be used by licensed professionals. Others meet one or the other of the requirements and may be available to the public and non-professionals for home use. This is usually after approval for such use is obtained by the FDA and other government agencies.
Many professional products are made with stronger formulations and require license or certification because care must be used to ensure these products are used safely. Don’t be misled by products available in your local drugstore or supermarket that are labeled as “professional products”.
These products may have originated in salons for use by professionals, but have later been deemed safe for consumer use and are no longer restricted. They can still use the label “professional product” based on their origins, in spite of the fact that they are no longer restricted.
Truly “professional products” are the ones that can’t be purchased by non-professionals. If you’ve ever been in a beauty supply store, there are probably items you see marked with “Professionals Only” on the pricing tag. These can’t be purchased without a license from your state regulatory board.
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