Burned Out Hair

Burned out hair
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Q: Hi. I have a question and I need advice. My hair is really thin, and it falls out a lot. What would you recommend for this problem? Also, I have split ends and it's really burned out and its length is below my shoulders (layers) and it's not growing because of the ends. I'd like to cut it but do you think it would be too short since my face is round? Thanks for your time hope you reply.
A: Well, given that the length of your hair is below the shoulders, you should be able to cut it to at least shoulder-length without changing the effect it has on your face. Cutting it will allow you to rid yourself of the split ends.
As for the "burned out" condition, I suggest using a shampoo and conditioner designed to smooth and silky hair results. Use these as directed, and at least once a week. Give yourself a deep conditioning treatment using a moisture rich conditioning cream.
Apply the cream to the hair, cover with a plastic cap, and warm the head with a bonnet dryer; warmed towels from the clothes dryer; or a blow-dryer using a diffuser attachment. Leave the conditioner on the hair for 20 minutes) keeping it warm. Rinse the hair with cool water and style as desired.
You can make your hair look fuller by holding your head upside down while drying your hair, but if your hair is actually falling out as opposed to breaking, you should consult your doctor to discover the reason. There are many possible reasons for hair loss, from genetics, to illness and dietary deficiencies. A hairstylist can help you treat breakage and damage, but you need a medical professional to deal with hair loss.
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