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Bangs for Curly Hair

Q: I have very curly hair that sometimes gets a little bit frizzy. I want to get bangs but I don't know if that would work with curly hair. Could you give me some suggestions on how and if I could get them cut?
A: The important thing to remember with curly hair types is that it's very easy to cut the hair TOO short. The trouble is that the curl is elastic, and the shorter the length of the hair, the more readily it curls up. Because of this, curly hair that hangs to the shoulder could be cut off to chin length and suddenly spring up to the nose because there's less weight to hold the hair down and stretch it out.
Those women I know who wear their curly locks in "fringed" styles do so by wearing their bangs long - at least to the upper lip. This allows them plenty of length to style their bangs as desired, and usually, to clip them to the sides, or tuck them behind the ears. The big thing is the determination of whether bangs will suit your particular look.
This depends on the size of your curls and the texture of your hair overall. Unfortunately I cannot give you that kind of assessment via a simple question, so I advise you to visit your local salon and talk to a stylist about your options. Look through the fashion and hair magazines for fringe styles on curly hairstyles and talk to the stylist about how those looks are created.
Perhaps you can select a fringe style to flatter your face, but you will need to use styling tools to create larger curls from your tighter ones, or flat irons to smooth only your bangs. The possibilities are literally endless.
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