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The Plain White Tee

It’s true and beyond doubt that most of our clothes are slaves of fashion, which in turn is a slave of time. In other words, change of times brings about a change in fashion and trends as well. However, there are certain clothes that defy fashion and time. You like them not because it’s cool to like them, but for the simple reason that they are likable.
Your grand mother liked them and most probably your grand children will also wear them with pleasure. One such piece of clothing is a plain white t-shirt. It is perhaps the most versatile and timeless piece of clothing that you must have in your wardrobe. Here are a few style ideas for your white t-shirt:
• Your white t-shirt is a great option as an office wear. The simplest choice is to team it up with formal black trousers/skirt and black blazer, this is the classic power look.
• Instead of a black blazer you could opt for a sleeveless black waistcoat or cardigans in different colors.
• A white t-shirt with blue denim jeans is a match made in heaven and is as timeless as the white t-shirt itself.
• Add some glamour quotient to this basic combo by putting on an oversized belt, rolling up your jeans a bit and finishing of with sexy platforms.
• If you want to show off your perfect abs then go down a size for your white t-shirt so that it just reaches your belly button, now pair it with low rise blue denim and a stylish metallic chain around your hips. Top it off with a trendy short cardigan.
• Alternatively keep the lower sized white t-shirt but instead pair it with tiny denim hot pants and you are ready for the beach.
• If you don’t have the waist or abs to pull the above off, don’t worry, instead go for an empire waist line white t-shirt, it will hide your waist and focus on your bust. Pair this with regular jeans and a cool pair of shades.
• A body hugging white t-shirt with a black mini skirt, sexy stilettos and a black leather jacket will raise the temperatures on the dance floor.
• Now chuck the mini skirt and stilettos and go for leather pants and high heeled leather boots. Add some metallic accessories like bracelets, dangling ear rings. This is your rocker look.
• The white tee is like your canvas, gives you the liberty to fill in your own colors according to your own imagination. Long, thin and colorful scarves are a great idea with it.
• Layering is generally a good idea with the plain white t-shirt. For starters try some bright colored cardigans. If the jacket or cardigan is lower in length than the t-shirt it gives a more pronounced feel of layering. Oversized shirts cinched with a wide belt are worth a try as well.
• The plain white tee gives you a great idea to accessorize particularly with jewelry. Multiple necklaces of varying lengths look great with it, so do bangles and oversized ear rings.
The examples here are but just a tip of the iceberg. The plain white t-shirt tests your creativity to the core. It’s up to you as to what occasion you want to wear it t or how do you want it to look. That’s why it remains and will continue to be a must have in any girl’s wardrobe.
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