The Guide to Wearing Heels

Women with short hair buying high heels
Photo: Dotshock/Shutterstock
High heels have been popular feminine obsession for as long as we can remember and for good reasons too. Heels are sexy, stylish and are an epitome of all things feminine. They add a good few centimeters to your height and alter your centre of gravity (i.e. the thin long heels) in such a way that it gives an impression of slimness.
Suddenly those shapely legs look heavenly, and those hips begin swaying invitingly like they never did before. They create an aura of invincible sophistication around you, filling you with some serious sexy confidence. That’s what a pair of heels can do and that’s why they are an indispensable part of your wardrobe.
Let us first find out the different types of heels available in the market. From pumps, booties to stilettos, you have an amazing multitude of heels to suit your needs and tastes. For the sake of simplicity I have divided the most commonly available heels into 5 broad categories.
• These are the super heels, the ultra glamorous ones, and the longest, the thinnest and perhaps the sassiest available.
• But it takes some degree of skill and practice to walk comfortably and confidently in them, it’s very easy for a novice to take a tumble on the very first step.
• Mind you, they are not everyone’s cup of tea, for they can cause unbearable pain. Once you wear them it’s quite possible that you will hate them!
• Stilettos with short skirts and short dresses are a perfect recipe for a glam evening.
High heels
• These are also long heels but the difference from stilettos being that they have a wider base, which makes it easier to walk.
• In terms of matching with outfits, they are a tad more versatile than the stilettos as they would work well with most outfits.
Low heels
• They are a much more prudent option if you are already blessed with a great height or if you don’t want to risk your feet and legs.
• The low heels go very well with most dresses, depending on their design and structure.
• They are great as office wear.
• These are perhaps the most comfortable ones available. They give the same effect with height; however, the whole foot is evenly supported.
• They might not have the glam appeal of stilettos but they are lot safer and comfortable.
• Platforms with jeans are a match made in heaven.
How to choose the right heels for your feet
• When selecting a pair of heels, remember they should match the shape and size of your legs as much as the length and color of your dress.
• If you have rather thick legs, then go for wide base heels as they lend a feel of slimness to your legs. Stilettos would make your legs seem out of proportion.
• Pick the shoe according to the occasion. Need to dance, then go for something with straps. Walking on grass, means stilettos are out and wedge heels or platforms enter.
• With shorter skirts, high heeled sandals or boots are great. Boots are not an ideal choice with long dresses as the dress would hide most of the boot.
• Forget about stilettos if you have to walk long distances or remain standing for long periods of time. Use them for occasions like a dinner at a classy place, where you will be sitting for most of the time.
Few tips about walking in high heels:
• Practice makes you perfect. Practice in the privacy of your home and don’t step out until you are confident enough.
• Watch out for the land mines! Yes, when you are in high heels it’s a mine field around you. Smallest of pebbles, pot holes, boardwalks etc can be your tripping point.
• The balls of the feet should be used while climbing or descending from the stairs.
• Don’t be overconfident and always keep a pair of flats handy, in case your feet start screaming for help!
A word of caution
• Doctors do not recommend high heels for a prolonged period of time. They put immense pressure on the nerves and blood vessels in your feet and legs.
• A regular and indiscriminate use of high heels is known to cause spinal problems.
• Numerous other blood and back related problems might arise if you are not careful and prudent in use of high heels.
The key is to use the correct length of heel that you feel most comfortable in and to use it sparingly and for shorter periods of time. So go ahead and put your sexiest foot forward. Heels are wonderful tools to jazz up your looks. All that is needed is a bit of restraint and commonsense. Play safe!