Top Tips to Buy a Purse (2)

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Quality check
Check the quality of the purse you want to buy before paying. You can use some simple techniques like:
• Smell - If it is being sold as a leather purse, smell it and it should have the typical leather, game like smell or else it might be a fake.
• Oil test- If it is good leather it will repel oil. So rub your finger in your hair or on the skin and then rub it against the purse. If it leaves a streak than its not a good quality leather.
• Check the stitching. Stitching is obviously a very important component of your purse as it holds the purse together. So watch out for any stitching that seems loose.
• Lining- A good quality purse will always be lined from inside as it costs the producer more if he wants to line it.
Your body type
• Strange as it may sound to the ones uninitiated in the strange ways of the fashion world, but just like any clothing you buy a bag must also complement your body shape.
• As a general guideline counterbalance your shape (not size) with the shape of the bag. So a tall and lanky girl should opt for a rounder medium sized bag. Similarly a rounder figure would be best complimented by a tall, sleek or longer shaped purse.
• On the other hand the size of the bag should be in proportion to your own height; a six feet something girl with a tiny clutch wouldn't really make a difference.
• A shoulder bag tends to bring focus to the part of the body where it falls. E.g. If it ends at your hips, there will be more attention to your hips. You can use this to your own advantage.
So we see that apart from their obvious functionality as sacs, well thought out choice in bags can go a long way in making your look more fashionable and give you the best value for your money at the same time.