Veronica Webb

Veronica Webb - Hairstyle with layers and slithered hair
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Pretty Veronica Webb attended the series premiere party of "Running Russell Simmons" on October 19, 2010 in New York City.
Her long charcoal colored hair is slithered in layers resulting in long strips that lie messily around her shoulders with a few light waves. Her bangs have sections that are super short and long. A light perm serviced in the hair for this hairstyle would allow easier styling to simply air dry your hair with a leave in conditioner.
Veronica sets her makeup with warm tones that match her skin color. Her eyebrows are arched and darkened and she uses heavy eyeliner around her eyes. There is a light blue tinge of shadow that has a tendency to bring out the color of her brown eyes. There are lashes and mascara, blush and bronzing and a light neutral effect for her lip tone.
Back view of Veronica Webb's hair
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Her large round pendent that is hooked to her neck chain is a good breaker for her overall theme. Tip: there is always some type of accessory that will tie all of your makeup and hair together, whether it is earrings, a hair ornament or necklace like Veronica is wearing.
Experiment and use your imagination to see what you can come up with. Look in magazines for ideas, how one simple article will bring it all together for you.
Dress and hairstyle for a Veronica Webb look
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Hairstyle for long black hair - Veronica Webb
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