Veronica Webb's Hair

Veronica Webb wearing a turned up blouse collar
Photo by PR Photos
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Veronica Webb has smooth stray textured bangs that dip over her eyes. Her crown and sides flow into a series of gathered curls that are bundled around her neckline. There is a turned up white blouse collar that contrasts nicely with her dark brown hair and a long silver chain with black stones that match her petite earrings.
Ms. Webb has a heavy smoky shadow and light liner upon her attractive eyes. Touches of blush and bronze help bring out the warm tones of her skin tones with only a hint of color upon her lips.
What would I do differently for Ms. Webb? I would put her long hair into an upswing with a few fans and a couple of braids dancing about that would give her more of a sophisticated charm. And under her long chain, I might throw some colorful scarf like a raspberry red and wine to be next to her face. For her make-up, I would put some raspberry on her cheeks and her lips.
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