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Vanessa Paradis

There are those who call Vanessa Paradis "the face" because she has a perfect symmetrical outline in the defined proportions of an oval shape with the high cheekbones and a strong chin. She was seen in the Paris Fashion Week on March 09, 2010.

Her hair is parted a fraction off center and worn in long lengths that flow in a loose tumble below her shoulders. Her hair color is a varied combination of light warm browns and blondes that provide the charming reddish cast that shadows around her head.
Because of the length of her hair and the shape of her face she can wear medium coils around her head or bouncy waves that begin from the part. Thick braids of any kind would bring out her hair color and would also look very well on Vanessa and would be considered an esteemed and favorable look that would give a classy edge.
Tip: Anytime there are multiply colors of light hair like Vanessa's and the hair is of a medium texture when braided will expose the many fibers of hair color and can bring an excellent formality.
Vanessa's make up begins with a light matt foundation, brushed eye brow color, concealor, eyeliner, warm shadow, lashes and mascara. There is a hint of pink in her upper corners of her cheekbones and an orange raspberry lip tone.
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