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Toni Collette's Hair Styles

Toni Colette in 2005 & 2007
Celebrity Toni Colette is wearing her long layered hair with a part on the side and large smooth rounded curls on the sides. Her top flows back with sections obliging each other in a reproductive way to conform, to the trend of styles seen today.
We see thin slices of medium browns created throughout her hair to give more of a warm picture to her face and how her skin responds to this color in a complimentary way that lends a good intake with her blue eyes.
Toni Collette with long layered hair
Toni Collette with straight bobbed hair
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The second picture is so different from the first; it is like turning a page in a book and barely looks like Toni. Her hair is bobbed and worn straight. The bangs lay also straight across her forehead from her part on the side. Her hair is barely touching her shoulders with a color of a dark warm cinnamon brown and we can see that this color is quite complimentary with the silver colored dress she is wearing.
To sum the two photos: we have one that is long with foiled blondes and browns with a heaviness close to the face. The bangs are heavy, as are the large rounded curls. The other is the shorter, darker cinnamon color that is also close to her face with the straight smooth bangs. What is your outlook on these two examples?v Here is my opinion on what I see, that would look totally smashing on Ms. Colette. Let's go for the dark hair; just to be different. In truth, our girl would be able to wear any of the two colors successfully; because she has such a pleasing skin color. Our main objective, is to make a startling and exciting lift in her countenance.
I would design lush waves that would spring out a softness, around her head and put more glamour in her appearance. Accessories of emerald earrings and a matching necklace would accent her dress and take away from the appearance of so much flesh. This would make the difference of being attractive and being attractive with class.
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