Toni Collette Hairstyles

Toni Collette is an Australian actress and musician, born on November 1st 1972.
  • Toni Collette
  • Toni Collette's short hair
  • Toni Collette with a long straight bob

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Toni has played numerous impressive characters on stage, in television or in movies. The Sixth Sense, In Her Shoes, Little Miss Sunshine and The United States of Tara are just a few of her successes. With her looks, especially her hairstyles, Toni is just as versatile as she is with her different roles. She adapts easily from blonde to brunette, from short to longer hairstyles. Casual or elegant are both part of the palette of her many stylish expressions.
She has a slightly triangular and slender face shape which makes high volume, layered haircuts with a lot of texture a great choice. These can vary in length, but bring out her best when there is a good amount of playful tendrils and movement framing her face. Medium long, layered or textured bobs are very beautiful and give Toni many styling options, but she is also very stunning with extremely short and slightly spiky hair.
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