Toby Regbo's Hairstyle

Toby Regbo's hairstyle

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When Toby Regbo went to the 53rd Annual Times BFI London Film Festival on October 27th 2009 you could tell his hairstylist had the master's touch when styling Toby's hair. His natural hair color is around a medium brown with veins of a light golden blonde selectively placed around his head. The back is cropped close in to the nape and also comes in around the ears.
There is more of a length in his crown to have the light curls and the longest section is seen right on top where the hairstylist singly took sections to place over one another with the last two that are closest to his eyes in deliberate coils away from his face. Also note the large c-curl that winds around the one eye.
Could you do something like this for yourself? Maybe, your girl friend might be able to put in a few strands of gold around your head. Remember, the darker your hair is, the redder it will turn out. Your hair will never look like the front of the box you just picked up from the drugstore.
The rule of thumb is that, the darker your hair, the redder it will turn out. Just smile and ride with it. Take Toby's picture to your hairstylist and get a good professional haircut. Now you can experiment.
Chances are, you are already a blow dryer king. But, are you using the proper products for your hair? American Crew products are made especially for men.
I think you are getting the picture. It is all in the products and how you learn to work with them. Click around and I am sure you will find something you are looking for that will fit your hair need. As for the coiling along the front of the face, try something different like Goldwell who also has a good name, perhaps their Goldwell for Men Shaping Agent.
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