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Tamala Jones' Hair Styles

Tamala Jones hairstyle with curls
Tamala Jones with long straight hair
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Tamala Jones in 2003 & 2004
Tamala Jones is a picture of loveliness as she wears her hair in a myriad of layers to increase the volume and structure of the curls that are gathered together in the back. Her hair is basically of a fine texture and when she wears her hair back on one side this increases the definition of her hair and gives a unique assumption of it being more replete.
From short to long, our celebrity has a long Cher type of style with the bangs tweaked just below the eyes and the rest of the hair straightly hanging below her shoulders. Very pretty and very exotic looking with her dark skin and large silver flowers on her gown. For a more elegant impression, an up do would fit the bill completely with a delightfully large white or silver flower on one side.
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