Sarah Hyland Hairstyles

  • Sarah Hyland with side parted hair
  • Sarah Hyland with side parted hair
  • Sarah Hyland with ombre hair

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Sarah Hyland was born in New York City on November 24th, 1990. She is the eldest daughter of two actors; Melissa Canaday and Edward James Hyland. She's been acting since the age of five with her first role in the film "Private Parts".
She went on to study drama at the Professional Performing Arts School along with other big names such as Taylor Momsen and Andrea Bowen. The path of her acting career has been rather slow but steady, working her way to the top step by meticulous step. She has one brother, Ian Hyland, who is four years younger than her.
Her beautiful, striking features and natural, confident approach towards style has made her a favorite across the spectrum of ages and genders. She keeps a perfect balance between showing just enough skin and playing up her strong points. And one of those unequivocal strong points would most definitely be her hair.
She takes good care of her thick beautiful brown mane, while playing around with light brown and blonde highlights and ombres. The natural brown base compliments her beautiful hazel-green eyes and works perfectly with her olive-complexion. Her love for light brown and blonde highlights and ombres gives her look a sense of maturity and a willingness to experiment.
Her solid sense of style and almost "girl-next-door" approach is rare and refreshing. Overall this woman is already an acting- and style-veteran even in her twenties, and shows immense promise for things to come in the future on short- and long-term basis.
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