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Suzanne Shaw with Her Hair Up

Suzanne Shaw wearing her hair up
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Suzanne Shaw surprised everyone and instead of wearing her hair down, she showed up at the TV Choice Awards 2010 in London on September 6, 2010 with her hair in a an up style with a smooth satiny structure of hair that originated from the top and then was patterned over to the side.
There were just enough poufs for her height and small tendrils left upon her sides. Upon closer inspection we noticed that her blonde hair had darker lowlights giving her hair the sassy pizzazz that fit her personality.
Suzanne wears her eyebrows in a thin arched measure, an ashy blue eye shadow, eyeliner, lashes and mascara. There is generous blush on her cheek bones and a little bit of warmth upon her forehead. There is a fine fleshly pink tone for her lips.
Her necklace is a big gorgeous surprise considering today's lack of wearing necklaces and it truly adds to her beauty as if her face was in a decorative frame complete with the small matching earrings.
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