Suzanne Shaw Hairstyles

Suzanne Shaw is a British actress, born September 29th, 1981. She is known for her role as Eve Jenson in the soap Emmerdale.
  • Suzanne Shaw

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Her fine blonde hair likes styles that give it some extra volume, either through cut, texture or styling techniques. Blow-dry haircuts like short bobs, perhaps even with an A-line are a great choice that works perfectly with her heart shaped face and her general style. Longer hairstyles that feature generous layers and styled in movement are also a beautiful choice for Suzanne.
For glam appearances she has often sported elegant curls and sophisticated up and semi up-dos. The latter are styles in which only a part of the hair, usually in front is pinned up or to the back. Classic straight bobs at chin length are very flattering and have a special edge in a platinum blonde color, that appears to be one of Suzanne's favorites and that for good reason since the silvery, cool reflection works perfectly with her skin tone.
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