Selma Blair's Medium Length Hair

Selma Blair with medium length hair
Photo by PR Photos
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Selma Blair was seen cruising among the celebrities at the memorable occasion of the grand opening of the Marquee Dayclub in Las Vegas on April 09, 2011. You may remember her portraying Vivian Kensington in Legally Blonde with Reese Witherspoon. Her career has stayed busy in both films and television roles.
As far as we can remember Selma has kept her hair in an attractive coal dark tone and the most length that we have seen her with the past couple of years is with the ends tipping upon her inner shoulders as pictured. There is the delicate balance of layering that surrounds her hair on her ends and also the soft healthy sheen that is an incomparable touch for her personality and a tribute to her hairstylist.
Like many today Selma is wearing a informal semi-circled middle part that gives a heavier note of hair on the one side that allows the slight dip and less hair on the other side with both sides tucked behind her ears that are substituted in the place of a barrette or hairband.
There is no doubt Selma Blair's hair is healthy because she also eats healthy. Tip: Simple good shampoos and conditioners are not the only health treatment for your hair because what you eat and drink ends up in your hair. For example our hair is made up of protein and to make our hair strong we have to eat more protein. Omega-3 acids (fish oil and nuts) will help to prevent your hair from drying.
Selma wears her makeup in a light easy "girl next door" fashion. Her brows are kept in a thick form, eyeliner, mascara, bronzing for warmth and a touch of natural lip tone.
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