Neck Length Black Hair

Selma Blair with neck length black hair
Photo by PR Photos
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Selma Blair posed for the photographers while she was at the Los Angeles Premiere of "Middle Man" on August 5, 2010 and her glamour was peaked with her neck length black hair that looked to be so much on the cutting edge.
The top was designed over that fell into a series of waves and curls along the side and the back. Her forehead was fully exposed and with Selma's lovely oval shaped face, she was able to wear it successfully.
Selma's eyebrows are arched perfectly when we look at her shaped eyes. She is wearing mascara, light eye shadow, eyeliner on the top, barely blush and a light flesh toned lip color.
Suggestion: A gold or silver necklace with earrings would look good. When we put color around our face, whether it is in jewelry, scarves, wraps or for the dress to be closer to the face it is like dressing up our face with a pretty frame and brings out the beauty. Selma would also look better with some color on her lips, maybe a muted rose or red.
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