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Selita Ebanks & Ashley Tisdale

Ashley Tisdale - 09/19/2008

Ashley Tisdale's suntanned beach girl look Ashley Tisdale has gorgeous coppery brown eyes that are the first thing a person notices when they look at her picture. Her hair color ranges from a suntanned mixed blonde with light reddish and medium brown slices paneled throughout her hairstyle. Styled straight as a plumb line and textured in layers, Ashley's hair has been given a relative side section, with gel generously applied and blown dry with possibly a vented ceramic brush. A flat iron was used to create the steely smooth appeal and to display the angles along her face.
Summing up Ashley's appearance, she characterizes sort of a California girl beach look with her tanned skin and blonde hair and she fits the bill completely. With the coppery color of her eyes, I like to envision how much more her eyes would stand out with a light strawberry reddish or coppery hair color and with the same form of make up she is wearing. Perhaps I would wrap a subdued sage colored scarf around her neck to see the contrasting harmony with the hair.
Selita Ebanks - 09/20/2008

Short and half way over the ears hairstyle - Selita Ebanks Selita Ebanks is wearing her hair short with a saucy clip up the back along her nape that rides under her collar and sports about half way over her ears. The crown and upper sides are longer and worn close to her head in a smooth drive with threads of hair over her eyebrows. Her color is a combo of a dark and lighter browns and go very well with the inflection of her skin and deep brown eyes. The neutral image follows through well with Selita's look with the taupe grey suit and matching tones in the scarf around her neck. Small pert earrings give a delightful finishing touch to this fashionable genuine image.
Here's a tip for you: Think about moving more toward the fashion of customized tailored suits like Selita is wearing. The tailored look never goes out of style and no matter what your weight is you will always look improved. Give thought about your accessories, such as the color of the scarf or earrings as everything you put on must bring out the color of your eyes and skin!