Sarah Parish's Hair

Sarah Parish wearing her hair in an updo
Photo by PR Photos
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Sarah Parish, looking effortlessly elegant while attending the annual Collars & Coats Gala Ball in aid of The Battersea Dogs & Cats home on October 30, 2014 in London.
Her interesting mix of vintage and contemporary pieces come together to create a truly timeless and chic appearance. It seems every bit of Sarah's look is expertly and beautifully planned out to include her hair, as it is strategically pulled back into a lovely updo to reveal the collar of her blouse.
To create Sarah's beautiful style, it is best to work with hair that has not been freshly washed. First and foremost, the hair must be completely dry. To begin, section the hair into two sections. Working from the bottom to the top, take two inch sections and wrap them around your first two fingers (index and middle) and continue to wrap up and secure with two bobby pins in a "X" pattern against the scalp.
Sarah Parish wearing a sheer vintage blouse
Photo by PR Photos
Use your fingers to spread the curl out and then douse with hair spray. Repeat this process until you have reached the top section. The top section will be heavily back combed to create maximum height in the crown.
Next Sarah's hair is parted into three sections on top (two on her right side and one large section for her left side). The two sections on the right are smoothed back, curled and pinned. Next the remaining hair is brought over to her left and pinned. Finally, a few pieces are left down and curled for a dramatic updo!
Sarah Parish - Skirt and blouse for a vintage look
Photo by PR Photos
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