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Sarah Lancaster & Stevi Perry

Sarah Lancaster - 09/27/2008

Dressy look with simple hair - Sarah Lancaster Sarah Lancaster is a smart cookie, as she has learned the importance of what a touch of color does next to her face, even if most of it is white, because when you analyze her face and the scarf you can see that the blue color stands out with her dress. The cool colors of the dress and scarf set off her attractive brown hair and also bring out her greenish hazel eyes. This simple look is styled with a large round brush while blown dry.
The top is sectioned and held back by a hairclip or barrette similar to the way the girls used to wear their hair in the early fifties, of course, ahem; that is all before my time. Because Sarah's hair is plain, not too long and mostly straight it gives the appearance of a dressier look. Simple can be classy!
Stevi Perry - 09/28/2008
Stevi Perry - Teenage hair fashion Miss Teen USA Stevi Perry
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One can only look at the picture of Stevi Perry and know she is thrilled with being Miss Teen USA. Look at her smile. She is wearing her long blonde hair in the typical teenage fashion of straightening her hair with a small pouf built on the top and long bangs that plunge down along the side of her face, yet still leaving exposure for her earrings. She is wearing neutrally transparent makeup with the exception of darker eyes and they go very well with her light hair and grey dress. Think flat iron when you look at this hairstyle and begin on the bottom in the back moving up. Use smoothing serum if needed.