Sarah Lancaster's Simple Hairstyle

Sarah Lancaster - Scarf wearing colors that look good with brown hair
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Sarah Lancaster is sharp, having recognized the impact of adding a touch of color near her face, even against a predominantly white backdrop. Upon closer inspection of her face and scarf, the prominence of the blue hue in her dress becomes apparent.
The cool tones of the dress and scarf complement her attractive brown hair and accentuate her greenish hazel eyes. Achieving this effortless look involves using a large round brush during blow-drying.
The top portion of her hair is divided and secured back with a hair clip or barrette, reminiscent of hairstyles from the early fifties. Of course, that's all before my time, ahem. Sarah's plain, moderately long, mostly straight hair exudes an air of elegance, proving that simplicity can indeed be classy.
Dressy look with simple hair - Sarah Lancaster
Photo by PR Photos
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