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Salma Hayek attended the Nickelodeon launch of "Dora the Explorer" 10th Anniversary on March 2, 2010.
Salma's square shaped face stands out with her part in the middle and the sides tufted behind her ears, while both sides of the top flow over the hair. She is wearing her hair in a smooth brushed attraction that covers the length of her neck. There is a small angle on the sides that easily connect around her neck.
Salma's hairstyle would be easy to keep with the use of a good styling product while you are blow drying. Blow dry your hair up and under to get the small under tilt that Salma is wearing. If you have a square shaped face like Salma's consider a longer arrangement that would be sectioned from the side and with waves that plunge upon the shoulders.
Salma has olive toned skin and wears a good amount of bronze with her blush. Her emphasis is mainly on her incredible eyes. Her eyebrows are a natural with a few penciled lines to darken. There is a concealor in the inner creases of her eyes and then a white pink shadow applied. A medium copper brown has been applied over her lid and extended into her outer corners. There is eyeliner, lashes and mascara. Brushed bronze and blush have been casted over her forehead and cheekbones. Her final touch is her long earrings. Tip: Long narrow earrings like Salma's extend the length of your neck.
Hairstyle for a square face shape - Salma Hayek Straight medium length hairstyle - Salma Hayek
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