Hairstyles for a Short Neck

Hairstyle for a short neck
Photo: Stockfour/Shutterstock
Q: I am a woman with a short neck. What hairstyles will make my neck look longer?
A: As with any physical trait that must be considered in choosing a hairstyle, the key to dealing with a shorter neck is balance.
Length of the hair should typically stop near the top of the neck, perhaps below the chin, in order to leave the line of the neck uninterrupted.
Styles that stop at the mid-point of the neck or which curve around the neck and mask it tend to minimize the appearance of what is already in short supply.
You can opt for up-styles if you prefer longer hair lengths, since these help to keep the neck visible and create a vertical focus which makes the neck look longer.
If shorter hair is your wont, then consider a tapered cut with fullness in the top section and elongated perimeter length that can be textured to make the nape area wispy and also generate that vertical focus.
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