Emma Watson Pixie Cut

Emma Watson pixie cut
Emma Watson – Photos by PR Photos
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After Harry Potter ended, Emma cut her long hair into this short cropped cut to show the world her independence.
She certainly is giving us a dose of sleek sophistication with her adorable pixie haircut. It works very well with her oval face as short cuts do work best on the idyllic oval face shape.
Watson was careful enough not to trim her bangs too short, so that she can pull off the slicked over look as seen here. She also has wisps of hair around the ears, which provide a more feminine look.
Emma has also added highlights throughout her pixie cut to give it depth and dimension. This is another way to jazz up a short hairstyle.
Pixie cut with side Bangs - Emma Watson
Emma Watson – Photo by PR Photos
Short cropped pixie haircut - Emma Watson
Emma Watson – Photo by PR Photos
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