Sharon Osbourne's Hair

Sharon Osbourne with professional short red hair
Photo by PR Photos
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The first big thing we notice about Sharon Osbourne is the vibrant reds in her short hair. Not everyone can wear this shade of red and look attractive. Sharon's hair is cut close in the back with a small bit of fringe and the wide C-curls that go over her ears on the sides.
The top falls over to one side tipping her brow in a carefree manner, while the top is fluffed up for volume. This is considered to be a good professional hairstyle and can be worn at all ages, whether you are young or older, at the office or at lunch. It is a good all around easy simplistic hairdo.
Sharon has a light creamy foundation with concealor, few penciled strokes in the eyebrows, eyeliner, lashes and mascara. There is the merest hint of pink on her cheeks and followed by an attractive neutral pink lip color. She is wearing a dark grey color with charming silver drop earrings with black circles and white polka dots. Dark grey and red hair, you bet your sweet booties!
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