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Sienna Miller & Aly Michalka

Sienna Miller - 08/06/2009

Long hairstyle inspired by the 40s and 50s - Sienna Miller Sienna Miller is posing for us with her hair coiffed smoothly on the one side and the top sleekly coming down alongside her face into a wave. The wave settles over her large coiled curls that fall below her shoulders. On the other side, the hair is tucked sexily over her ear revealing her dropped earring and small post in the upper corner. Sienna is one of those natural light/medium blondes that so many brunettes envy. Her hair has the lighter blends of blonde combined with her own delectable haircolor. The look of the 40s/50s could be making a new debut.
Sienna has a warm foundation that is still light enough for us to see some of her youthful freckles. Her eyebrows are kept tidy and naturally thick. There is a light shadow in the upper section of her eyes and a little smoky taupe on the lower lid. Her mascara and eyeliner work together. A darker hue of color runs up her cheek bones and is topped off with the startling blue based ruby red smashing lip color.
Her sweet beige dress is gathered into small poufs on the side sleeves and a delicate v shaped lace affronts the dress and also plunged deeply in the back of the dress and gathers up close on the midriff.
Aly Michalka - 08/06/2009

Aly Michalka presents to us an off centered part with two distinct waves in her hair on both sides of her cheekbones. Her blonde hair is shaped in layers and designed in waves and curls and has a darker warmer brown color paneled throughout, especially along the sides. Her hairstyle is reminiscent to some of Dolly Parton's hairstyles. Nice to see the femininity of waves making such a dramatic comeback.
Michalka's natural touch in her makeup is a stunning sight to behold. There is a light brushed foundation with concealor in the inner parts of her eyes and a light eye color that is applied on the top and graduates to a darker shadow along the lower outer part of the lids. Her brows are kept clean with a few penciled strokes to fill in where needed. There is eyeliner on the top and lower lids beginning from the middle part of the eyes. Lashes and mascara, blush on the cheeks and around the forehead and ending with a neutral rose lip color.