Sienna Miller's Hair Styled Up

Sienna Miller wearing her hair up
Photo by PR Photos
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Sienna Miller is wearing her light pale blonde hair up in the back with a center part as the straight smooth hair clings, on the sides (March 8th, 2007). There are many options as to how she might have her hair in the back and one possibility is a French twist.
The French twist never goes out of style. Years from now, women will still be styling their hair into French twists. One reason is because fashioning this elegant updo is extremely simple; once you get the hang of it.
Section off the top and the sides. Begin to take portions of the hair in the back and feather it lightly. If you have thin hair; back comb into your hair until you have a real birds nest. It is supposed to stick up and out, that will be normal.
Sienna Miller wearing her hair in an updo
Photo by PR Photos
Now, take your brush and begin to smooth the outer layers of the hair on the back combing. Brush that portion of your hair back, entirely over to one side, hold with your other hand and place bobby pins vertically into the center of your head and wrap the other part of your hair back over and tuck the ends going from the bottom up and under one another and securing with hairpins.
Use your flat iron on the top and sides; barely tilting under for the cling. Use gloss and smoothing lotion to finish and apply spray on the back. You didn't think you could do that, did you?
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