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Bree Turner & Bonnie Sommerville

Bonnie Sommerville - 07/16/2009

Bonnie Somerville impresses us with possibilities of having natural dark blonde hair that is mingled with multi tones of blonde and light browns. Her lengthy blonde hair is combed over to the side where the curls begin and then, plunge below her shoulders. If you haven't mastered the coiling concept yet for yourself, make sure you are sectioning your hair in rows in the back and along the sides. To copy Bonnie's hairstyle, bring the wide toothed comb over and even with the top of the brows and stack up the entire top of the hair with a clip. Next, section off the second row along the sides and the back together and also clip. By this time, you should have around 6.5 cm or 2.5 inches left along the bottom. Take small sections from the row and wrap your hair vertically around your curling/spiral iron going toward the back and allow the curl to stay where it drops. Work your way upward, and again wrap the small sections vertically while directing them toward the back. When you are ready for the front/crown area, comb over from your part and begin with the heaviest side; measuring from the brows, you will wrap the hair only from the brows and then drop. Repeat this all the way around. If you desire more wave, then bring the section up a little instead of measuring to the brows.
There has been a light foundation applied for Bonnie and heavy eye makeup complete with dark eyeliners up and down, grey blue shadow, lashes and mascara, light brown brows, light pink blush and a very pale lip color.
Her black strapless dress targets her light milky skin tones and blonde hair.
Bree Turner - 07/16/2009

Bree Turner swings her hair up into the very highest mark above her crown and securely fastens a hairband to stabilize her topknot of curls. Thin slips of hair are fanned out, with some in small jags and others in a rounded transparency or minor strips. With full exposure of Bree's hairline we can now see her high forehead and get an idea of how much makeup she is wearing. Going along with the trend of today, her foundation is lightly transparent and with a few slight penciled strokes in her brows, eyeliner is applied on both the top and lower sections of her eyes, barely if any blush and natural flesh toned lip color. The only thing I would change on Ms. Turner would be to give her some light chunky bangs that tip the top of her brows. With this, she would look even more appealing and appear less tight.