Bonnie Somerville's Hair

Bonnie Somerville - Hairstyle with a large swooping wave
Photo by PR Photos
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Bonnie Somerville has a short divide with smooth dippy layers that are arranged with a large swooping wave that is brought over to the side of her temple and eventually flicks out to join the rest of her hair. The other side is given a more seamless structure until connecting with the curly coils on the ends.
The creativity of this hairstyle cannot be overrated when you see how the wave brings out Bonnie's eyes. For a more naturalizing affect, several tones of blondes and browns in thin strips have been placed throughout her hair. Tip: Use a large wave to set off your eyes like Bonnie.
Bonnie is wearing heavy eyeliner, light and dark shadows, plenty of mascara, a few penciled sketches in the brows, light touches of bronze and a pastel neutral lip tint. Although her eye liners are quite heavy you must admit her blue eyes are very exceptional!
Bonnie Somerville wearing white
Photo by PR Photos
She is wearing white, which isn't the best contrast for blondes, however; Bonnie is wearing a heavy black tri chain that not only is a great contrast for the white blazer but her hair too. Smart trick there Bonnie!
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