Emmanuelle Chriqui's Hair & Shirt

Emmanuelle Chriqui - Hair pulled away from the face and large looped earrings
Photo by PR Photos
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Emmanuelle Chriqui rocks the scene with all of her hair pulled away from her pretty face and wearing her gold looped earrings.
Although her dark hair is out of sight with the exception of the top, it gives just enough dark brown color to accent her eyes. Her eyes are meticulously drawn with eyeliner, light shadow, a few penciled in strokes in her brows, lashes and mascara, bronze/blush and a light neutral tawny lip tint.
Her jeans are met with a long three quarters length sleeved grey silk shirt and is accented with a classy grey scarf wrapped around her neck. The denim jeans give an air of informality, but mixed with the grey silk shirt neutralizes the setting and puts a lot of savvy in her picture.
Emmanuelle Chriqui wearing a shiny silk shirt and scarf
Photo by PR Photos
Emmanuelle Chriqui
Photo by PR Photos
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