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Halle Berry & January Jones

Halle Berry - 04/28/2009

Halle Berry's new shorter haircut Halle Berry is wearing a mesh mash of selective blonde and warm brown slices throughout her short bob. The word is out that Halle will soon be shaving her entire head for the role she will be portraying in "Nappily Ever After." Could her shorter haircut make this upcoming change a little bit easier for her? Smart thinking Halle! When I think back about the times when Halle has looked her most fashionable and attractive, it has always been with shorter hair. Her photo gives a presentation of how the bob can have some dips and large curls instead of the usual bone straightness. I favor her with her original dark hair instead of the lighter streaks. With her dark hair, she carried an aura of exotic and mystery, the blonde sheets on her hair seem to take this away.
Halle has a natural finish with her makeup. She wears gold shadows around her eyes, light brown liner, mascara, natural brows with a few penciled strokes, bronze/blush and a light neutral lip tint.
January Jones 04/28/2009

January Jones wearing her hair with bounce on the ends January Jones has a golden taffy color in her hair with light warm brown streaks and a few lighter blends of blonde. Her medium length hair has a few long layers that put a little bit of bounce on the ends, when we look at the few idle flips in the back. The sides are a blend of lackadaisical waves, while the top is combed down to join the softness.
Look closely in the second picture, January strongly resembles a mixture of Cheryl Ladd, Grace Kelly, Kathleen Turner and Nicole Kidman. She wears only a minimum amount of make up with natural brows, hints of blush, light eyeliner, mascara, light shadow and a light peach flesh color lip tint. Her dressy black outfit definitely shows off the tones of her hair.