Anna Faris' Platinum Hair

Anna Faris - Long platinum blonde hair
Photo by PR Photos
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Anna Faris wears her long platinum blonde hair in angled layers along the sides, with a side part that creates a heavy dip over her forehead, blanketing her brow. Streaks of gold are paneled throughout her platinum locks, which she likely touches up from time to time.
My guess would be that Anna normally has more thin than medium-textured hair and finds the use of protein gels and other styling products useful. The blow dryer helps promote volume, contributing to the full, satiny image she portrays.
Anna has a full face, slightly square, with delightful apple cheeks. Wearing her large, loopy earrings brings her face into a smaller appearance. Regardless of your face size or hair type, there are simple tricks to maximize your positive attributes.
If you want to downsize your face, wear large jewelry. Her makeup features a tan base with bronzer, a hint of blush, false lashes, mascara, lightly penciled brows, light beige and dark eyeshadow, eyeliner, and a light pink lip color.
Anna Faris - Slightly square face and apple cheeks
Photos by PR Photos
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