Hair that Tips the Shoulders

Anna Faris with hair that tips her shoulders
Photo by PR Photos
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Anna Faris poses in gentle layers of hair that tip her shoulders and projects a soft youthful appeal to her face. Better known as the shag haircut, her top has a longer length to lie closer to her head in a smooth structure while being combed over to her side.
The rest of the medium length hair has been curled in curls moving away from her face, with the exception of one tendril that cups just under her jawline.
Her hair coloring ranges from a sandy platinum with darker blonde strips. In fact, her hair color reminds me a little bit of what old time movie star Jean Harlow's natural hair used to be. She was famous for her natural platinum color.
With thinner brows and an adjustment with her makeup, put a few waves in her hair and Anna could be quite a match for Harlow. Anna is also a dead ringer for a younger Cheryl Ladd.
Anna Faris - Medium hairstyle with curls
Photo by PR Photos
Anna Faris - Youthful medium length hairstyle
Photo by PR Photos
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