Sofia Milos' Spiral Curls

Hair styled in long spirals - Sofia Milos
Photos by PR Photos
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Sofia Milos has gorgeous cinnamon colored hair that is shaped in long layers and probably has a body perm in it.
Her long spirals have been selectively placed to fall upon each other in a disarray of curls like that of a lion's mane. Her hair is kept out of her face with both of the sides sprayed especially at the roots to allow for the volume and pouf along the head. There are several types of sprays you can use for your roots to achieve this volume while you are styling.
We can also tell from Sofia's picture that she is a naturalist, as her make-up is involved with bronzing, muted soft shadows, eyeliner, mascara and transparent lip color. Everything points to looking natural today, even though I estimate 98% of women still tint their hair in one way or another and wears oodles of make-up. The whole idea is to appear like you are a natural beauty.
Sofia Milos - Long brown hair with curls
Photo by PR Photos
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