Simona Ventura's Short Bob

Simona Ventura wearing her hair in a trendy bob
Photo by PR Photos
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Italian celebrity Simona Ventura used to have long dark hair that matched her olive skin. As you can see, she has opted for a trendy short bob we are seeing on more women today. Having her shorter hair gives her a more simple look and she can be sure in knowing, that whatever she decides to put on she will look very good.
Allow me to explain how this happens. Your hair is something like icing on a cake, if it has too much icing it looks overly done and fat looking, but when the icing is properly applied; it makes the whole cake look more appetizing.
Here is another example for you: Look at a nail. You know, one of those little things you use a hammer with to connect things together. The top is flat and larger, but not exceptionally bigger, than the body. Notice how streamlined the body of the nail looks? That is because there is a lovely contrast with the head of the nail and the body.
Simona Ventura with short hair
Photo by PR Photos
If the nail head hung down half way below the top, the body would not look that long. There are shorter nails with larger heads, that make the body of the nail appear short. Case in point: when you have shorter hair, your clothes will look better on you, because you will appear thinner. No wonder some women shave their heads!