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Smooth and Simple Hairstyle

Sofia Vergara's long hairstyle
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The star of ABC television's "Modern Family", Sofia Vergara has become a very hot commodity in Hollywood. The lovely Latina actress made her statement on the red carpet as one of the "long and flowing" trendsetters with her sleek, silky tresses.
Again, the look is ultra simple and ultimately effective. You too, can get this look with a few simple steps: Start by blowing-out your clean, conditioned hair with a flat (bristled) brush and maintain the tension throughout the length of the hair so that you end up with a completely smooth finish. Remember to aim the flow of air from the dryer away from the scalp so that you avoid roughing the cuticle layer of the hair and you can maintain smoothness and shine.
Once the hair is fully dry (and mostly smooth and straight) follow up with a flat iron and pass the hair through the iron in thin slices working from the bottom perimeter upward to the top layers of hair. Prepare the hair prior to pressing by misting it lightly with hair spray which will help to seal the cuticle and keep the smooth finish long-lasting by helping to repel humidity.
Sofia Vergara look with a long gown Sofia Vergara - Long hairstyle for sleek hair Sofia Vergara wearing her hair in a simple long style
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