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Denise Vasi & Jordana Brewster

Denise Vasi - 03/12/2009
Denise Vasi - Long hairstyle for a heart shaped face
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Denise Vasi has attractive long dark brunette hair designed in layers to have the round pouf along the sides and the sprays of hair below the shoulders. There is a semi circular part on the top allowing the hair to be combed over to the side and off of the face that connects with the hair along the sides. In fact, all her hair is away from her heart shaped face and projects her green eyes to the forefront a little bit. Her makeup is heavy on the eyeliner, smoky dark green shadow, light brows, possible lashes and mascara, light brows, blush/bronze and a neutral translucent lip tint.
She is wearing a plunging neckline of a black dress that goes well with her black hair, however; I would suggest putting on a large jade and silver necklace to bring out the green in her eyes even more and bring more attention to her outfit.
Jordana Brewster - 03/12/2009

Jordana Brewster wearing a simple hairstyle with long and thin bangs Jordana Brewster is wearing a super duper long ponytail with long thin wispy bangs that cover her forehead. Her ponytail was probably curled to coil the way it is falling in the back. This is a simple hairstyle you could try for yourself sometime. Just brush all your hair back into a hairband and then, take sections of hair and use your coiling iron to curl it into the loopy look that is so popular for today. Spritz a little bit of gloss and you are ready to dash out the door.
Her makeup is set with olive tones, bronzing, smoky hues for shadows, lashes and mascara, evened brows, and shiny neutral lip tint. All this creativity is accessorized with diamond earrings that go so well with her dark hair.