Effortless Modest Hairstyle

Denise Boutte - Effortless long hairstyle
Photo by PR Photos
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Denise Boutte is wearing her long hair in an effortless modest style that most people can do for themselves. The secret is to know how to pin your hair back with attractiveness and appeal.
Denise has chosen to brush all of her top and sides flatly back into a possible hair band or the hair could be in a clip comb or there could be ornamental combs on each side in the back.
One of the many ways you could bring your hair back like this is, when you get it all in the back, twist it all the way around only once then, place your comb to fasten. Do this on both sides.
Another way is when you are bringing the hair back tuck your hair up and around each other making a gorgeous roll having the ends tightened with your comb or clip comb. Be creative, there are so many ways you can do this and still bring this earth style into a dressy style.
Denise Boutte - Long hairstyle for black hair
Photo by PR Photos
Denise Boutte wearing a long colorful dress
Photo by PR Photos
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